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Current developments

What is going on in PIPS right now?
  • Generate MPI code for distributed memory machines from OpenMP programs in the STEP project (IT SudParis)
  • Improve PIPS for the FREIA project to generate streaming code from image processing programs. (the FREIA team)
  • Generate KAAPI dataflow threaded code from general programs in the SAFESCALE project (Loïc Plassart).
  • Generalize the lattices we can use for abstract interpretation in PIPS through the APRON project.
  • Porting PIPS to x86_64. It was already ported to Alpha Tru64 ten years ago for SRU. It was easy because sizeof(int)=sizeof(void *) on Alpha. In the case of Linux/gcc/x86_64, sizeof(void *) = 8 but sizeof(int)=4 and it breaks many things. (Ronan Keryell)
  • fixing the C parser. No longer core-dump on some comments. Still to improve yet to commit. (Ronan Keryell)
  • generate XML models of functions and applications (Corinne Ancourt, Ter@ops project)
  • add new program transformations such as inlining, some kind of loop pipelining, generalized loop nest fusion, function coalescing (or "outlining"), etc... (Claude Tadonki, Joel Falcou, Ter@ops project)
  • Use PIPS on PowerPC64 (Claude Tadonki, Joel Falcou, Ter@ops project)

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