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2010 PIPS Developer Day

A day of presentations by students, researchers and developers of the PIPS framework. In Paris, 60 Bd. Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, Room V116 25 October 2010.

Breakfast (8h30-9h00)

Session I: Using PIPS (9h-10h30)

I.1 Par4All, Ronan Keryell, HPC Project:

I.2 An introduction to Pyps, the compiler assembler for PIPS, Grégoire Payen de la Garenderie and Serge Guelton, Telecom Bretagne

I.3 Focus on 2 use cases of PIPS at HPC Project: 1) Analyzing C code produced by Simulink and 2) Improving stencil computation for the oil and gaz industry, Pierre Villalon, HPC Project

Break: 10h30-11h

Session II: Recent Developments for Fortran (11h-12h30)

II.1 From sequential to GPU, identifying key transformations with a case study : an astronomic simulation, Mehdi Amini, HPC Project & MINES ParisTech

II.2 Réduction des communications MPI à partir d'un programme OpenMP, Alain Muller, Telecom SudParis

II.3 Transformation de la directive OpenMP critical en MPI, Dounia Khaldi, Telecom SudParis

Lunch (V117): 12h30-14h

Session III: Pointers and effects (14h-15h30)

III.1 Design Of A Flow Sensitive, Context Sensitive Points To Algorithm, Amira Mensi, MINES ParisTech

III.2 Génération des effets mémoire des intrinsèques C, Molka Becher, MINES ParisTech

III.3 Integrating Pointer Analyses in PIPS Effect Analyses for an effective parallelization of C programs , Béatrice Creusillet, HPC Project

Break: 15h30-16h

Session IV: Code Generation (16h-18h)

IV.1 Dealing with automatic data-mapping for GPU hardware accelerators, Mehdi Amini, HPC Project & MINES ParisTech

IV.2 Compiling for an Heterogeneous Vector Image Processor, Fabien Coelho & François Irigoin, MINES ParisTech

IV.3 Optimisations Faustiennes: analyse, vectorisation et parallelisation de programmes FAUST via PIPS, Ramzi Darmoul & Karim Barkati, MINES ParisTech

IV.4 SAC: An Efficient Retargetable Source-to-Source Compiler for Multimedia Instruction Sets, Serge Guelton, Telecom Bretagne

Break: 18h-18h15

Open Discussion "State of PIPS" (18h15-8h50) [could be pointer analyses in PIPS]

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