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November 18, 2010 - ESS (Embedded Systems and Software at DAC)

Design Automation Conference DAC 2011 San Diego June 5-10, 2011
When Nov 18, 2010
Where San Diego, CA (USA)
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DUE BEFORE 5:00pm MT, November 18, 2010

DAC, the premier conference and exhibition devoted to design and design automation (EDA), is introducing a new focus in 2011: Embedded Systems and Software (ESS). DAC is uniquely positioned to bring together all the building blocks to take embedded systems and software from concept through research and early phase technical discovery to final product delivery. For four days in June, DAC 2011 attendees can supplement their knowledge of embedded design through research and technical presentations as well as product demonstrations on the exhibit floor.

E1. Embedded System Specification and Software Engineering
E1.1 Domain-specific programming languages
E1.2 Software architectures and software engineering
E1.3 Model- and component-based embedded software design
E1.4 Software frameworks
E1.5 Hardware/software co-specification

E2. Embedded Software and Tools
E2.1 Real-time operating systems and middleware
E2.2 Virtual machines
E2.3 Hardware/software co-design
E2.4 Software for multicore, GPU, and novel embedded architectures
E2.5 Retargetable compilation for embedded architectures
E2.6 Worst-case execution time analysis
E2.7 Hardware-dependent software
E2.8 Customized interfaces and protocols
E2.9 Tools for managing embedded I/O: device drivers, timers, etc.

E3. Architectures for Embedded Systems
E3.1 Many- and multi-core embedded architectures
E3.2 Application-specific embedded processor (ASIP) design and tools
E3.3 Run-time and design time reconfigurable processors
E3.4 On-chip memory architectures and management: scratchpads, compiler controlled memories, etc.
E3.5 Custom storage organizations: flash, etc.
E3.6 Custom communication design

E4. Embedded System Validation, Verification, Security
E4.1 Formal verification
E4.2 System validation
E4.3 Testing and regression analysis
E4.4 Hardware/software co-validation
E4.5 Hardware and software security

E5. Embedded Systems Platforms, Design Methodologies and Case Studies
E5.1 Platforms for domain-specific applications (e.g., avionics, automotive, medical, mobile, multimedia, etc.)
E5.2 IP-based design
E5.3 Rapid prototyping
E5.4 Packaging issues
E5.5 Design methodologies and design flows
E5.6 Case studies

E6. Design Space Exploration and Optimization
E6.1 Modeling embedded constraints: reliability, power, security, etc.
E6.2 Early estimation and co-simulation
E6.3 Multiple-constraint-driven embedded system synthesis and optimization
E6.4 Distributed embedded systems, end-to-end QoS management, performance analysis

Authors of Research Papers on all aspects of embedded systems and software are encouraged to submit to this focus call. A submission to this topic must specify a category from the list below. Authors may choose a second submission category (both from the regular research topics as well as from the focus embedded topics) to accommodate cross-cutting contributions. All embedded systems and software paper submissions must adhere to the same rules outlined for theResearch Papers.

Select authors of submitted DAC embedded systems and software papers that are not accepted for publication in 2011 will be invited in mid-February 2011 to participate in “Work-In-Progress” (WIP)poster sessions. Authors of the WIP will submit a 100-word summary (this will not be published in the conference proceedings). Authors will also be given the option to post their poster presentation


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